With the progress of industrialization and development of the mechanical industry, continued force have been made
to improve couplings, seeking not only the satisfactory protection and greater life of the power transmission element
but also the desirable effect of energy saving.

Our company specializes in the development and production of couplings for power transmission purposes,
and all our staff are tightly united and endeavouring to develop and produce best quality couplings
with a pride in contributing to the development of industrial machinery. With the assistance of the competent authorities
and techical experts, we, as specialist both in name and reality, are desirous of placing our improved products
and technical information before our consuming customers for their candid comments and encouragement.

We will continuously make effort even in future to improve our couplings through technical researches and rigid quality control,
and assure you that you will always find us of service to you. Your undeserved patronage and guidance will greatly be appreciated.

Wishing you everlasting prosperity and good help.